I'm Dannon, the detailed modeler with the moustache. I am ready to build your next show piece. I am very detail oriented with all my projects, so much my wife might find me in the garage for hours on end. We are originally from Northern California but currently live in Reno, Nevada.

I've been building models kits for over 20 years. Each model is crafted with detail and precision. My passion for modeling comes out in every project. I've built basic models up to custom detailed models with fiber optic LED lighting.

I spend hours on each project to create a finished product that you will love. My craftsmanship is shown in every step of the way. I allow each buyer to chose custom details to make their model different form every other one I have built. If you are looking for that custom built craftsmanship for your mini replica, then I am your man.

Feel free to shop my Etsy account or contact me for a custom quote. I love referrals, so tell your friends!!!!