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I never use social media as a platform to blast any person or company, BUT I’m making an exception tonight. I very, very, very rarely get screwed on a deal, and if there is an issue it’s generally resolved by quick communication between myself and the other party. SinceI know a lot of my followers are avid hobbyists- model builders and the like- avoid ever doing transactions with Escondido powersports or

Last week I went shopping for a new airbrush. I knew exactly the model I was looking for and my wife found the website, which listed it for about $30 less. After browsing their site, I found most of their prices to be a good 20% less than most online stores. I went ahead and added a couple of models to my shopping cart and checked out. My total with shipping was around what  I’d pay for just the airbrush through most places.

Immediately after I placed the order- which was last Thursday- I received a confirmation email, and an email saying my order was in progress. The next morning. I received another email saying my order was awaiting shipment. “Awesome!”

Saturday came, and no update. Monday, Tuesday, still no update. Their website claims they ship from 12 warehouses accross the country, but they have no telephone support because it would cost to much money. They do have an email address, so Tuesday night I emailed them and asked politely for a status update. They clearly state that they respond to all emails within 24 hours. I waited 25.

During the time I was waiting, I did some digging and found out I was not the first person to have a problem with this site. It seems that the company doesn’t have a warehouse at all, but waits for the customer to place an order, then orders the product, then ships it to the customer. Some customers have waited many weeks without ever receiving a product. BBB gave them a solid F rating. The wait itself would have been fine, had there been any communication.

Wednesday evening I wrote again and let them know I was very unhappy that I had no correspondence from them. This morning- a week after the order was placed- I sent them screenshots from the reviews online and told them if I didn’t have a shipping update in the next 24 hours I would be next to leave a negative review. After several hours, I finally received an email with tracking info from UPS. I was so excited to finally have my order on it’s way.

But wait….. 

20 minutes later I receive an email from the website, an email from PayPal, and one from UPS all saying my order had been cancelled and refunded. I was so aggravated I quickly sent them a responding email and asked why they cancelled my order with my request when it said it had shipped.

I hope to hear back from them sometime in the next month.

Dannon Marsh
OtherWorld Models

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  1. wow, that is crazy! I am one to really just put a model together and leave the decals off. The only model I have painted before was of a spitfire.

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